“I will not belittle my achievements.”
— 7 words or less affirmation for this week (via thatkindofwoman)

tomorrow i need to:

  • have my final class with tim roda
  • get my oil changed at midas
  • fill up my tank
  • go to the gym
  • eat yummy things
  • pack a bag for the weekend
  • pay my credit card bill
  • print out 3 large prints and 9 for my classmates
  • possibly print other things with any leftover paper/money
  • and we’ve found our rhythm again just that quickly
  • the past few days felt like you were living here
  • i’ve had the entire day off for the first time in … 3 months?
  • i want more plants - hanging plants, too & also herbs
  • you’re writing in your recipe book, i’m paging through Bitch magazine, but our legs are intertwined
  • i’m definitely excited to be with good people in a good home but i also can’t wait to not have to share a space or my things
  • i’ll be excited when i we have pots, pans, and utensils to call my our own
  • i want a puppy
  • i’m enjoying food and life but i want to make really simple dishes for the next few weeks - toast for breakfast with yummy toppings, a grilled/roasted vegetable and some yummy fish/rice, and a huge salad for dinner with so many cucumbers
  • i’m glad i’m remembering what i like to eat
  • i’ll be busting my butt at the gym starting tomorrow
  • grad rehearsal tomorrow…
  • still not feeling any particular way
  • monday will be the final day i wait for an email from Webstaurant, then i start applying elsewhere.
Sean made enchiladas. Also, my two favorite people in the entire world.  #enchiladas#myloves

Sean made enchiladas. Also, my two favorite people in the entire world. #enchiladas#myloves